Installation Labour Warranty

DRW Home Services will provide warranty and cover repairs due to installation related deficiencies with windows and doors, up to one year from the date of installation. For any workmanship related warranty requests, please notify us immediately via phone at (519-984-3799), or by email to (inquiries.drwhomeservices@gmail.com).

Manufacturer Product Warranty

Our current manufacturers are listed below with an outline of their product warranty coverage. If you would like to submit a claim to see if your concern is covered by your specific window/door vendor’s product warranty, please contact us via phone at 519-984-3799, or by email at Service.drwhomeservices@gmail.com and please provide some details of the issue and corresponding pictures if possible.

Condensation Tips

You may have experienced small water droplets forming on your windows when it is cold outside. This is called condensation and is created by moist/humid air landing on a surface such as your window, that has a cooler temperature than the air itself. This causes the moisture/humid air to turn into liquid water droplets. Please review the guide below from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) for a better understanding of condensation, and simple ways to reduce moisture and condensation inside of your home. CLICK THE ICON ABOVE TO VIEW FULL DOCUMENT.

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